Shark Attack is Coming Back?

Sierra Angel1It still hasn’t gotten weird enough for me…

Well fans it has been over a year since the show was cancelled, and for many months now the website has been dark. I have been working on me. Refining my body and mind, re-shaping my life. And now it is nearly time to re-launch this website as a network. Gone are the days of the old podcast and once a week broadcasts. Shark Attack Media is being re-born as an audio network for the underground.

Unsigned musicians, comedians, reporters and would-be radio hosts… people with ideas and passion. People who’s voices sometimes go unheard.

This is your opportunity to reach out. This is our opportunity to be heard. If you are interested in becoming part of this effort please email me at

Until further notice the website is under construction. Beware falling rock.

Can’t wait to be back on the air in 2014! -Sierra Angel a/k/a TheNarcoleptica, former host of The Shark Attack! Show